May 22, 2012
"The author suggests Tesla, not Edison, is the “father of the electric age” and buoys this claim by pointing out that alternating current (Tesla’s invention) “powers the world” and not direct current (Edison’s invention).
The irony here is that the computer that the author used to draw this graphic runs on DC power. The author’s cell phone also runs on DC power. In fact, if the author went around their house and looked at all the electronic devices (coffee maker, microwave oven, clock, television, laptop, stereo, etc.), they would notice that almost every single one requires a conversion from AC power to DC power before it can be used. This is because while alternating current is indeed great for long distance transmission of power…it’s shit for powering electronics. So perhaps I could suggest a compromise: if Tesla is the Father of the Electric Age, then Edison is the Father of the Electronic Age."

The Abstracted Engineer: This Tesla Love-Fest Has Got To End (via ayjay)

The Oatmeal responds to this criticism and others made about his Tesla piece here.

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An additional point of evidence that bolsters Edison’s legacy as the father of electronics: the now obsolete “radio tube” was a device that emerged from Edison’s wastebasket. The first “radio tube” was a diode vacuum tube that Edison discarded because it was a failed light bulb. But Edison did take note of the fact that electricity can move through a vacuum (or any other medium). This “Edison effect” is Edison’s single contribution to science, but what an important contribution! The Edison effect was the scientific spark that ignited the electronics age.

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