April 2, 2013
Happy Birthday, Redjeep!

Happy Birthday, Redjeep!

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March 9, 2013



Slim Harpo - Shake Your Hips (1966)

The Rolling Stones covered this one on Exile On Main Street. When they weren’t stealing from the best, they were legally covering the best.

“Now ain’t it eeeeeasy?”

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February 18, 2013

It’s Bad You Know by R.L.Burnside

She asked me, “Why?”
I just went on and told her.

November 13, 2012

Cleaning Windows by
Van Morrison

Blues @redjeep! ;-)

October 15, 2012


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Led Zeppelin | Since I’ve Been Loving You

ahhhhh    relief!

August 12, 2012



Bob Dylan - Early Roman Kings

from the new album Tempest

Apparently this is the worst track on what is meant to be his “best album in a decade”. Come on September 10th!

Summoning Muddy Waters, Uncle Bob then cloaks himself in an evil persona to sing this number. This “unreliable narrator” is just the voice needed to tell us fearful truths. (And this is the “worst” track? […] The album must kick serious ass!)

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August 11, 2012


Jeff Beck/Imogen Heap  ~  Rolling and Tumbling

Beck! Jeff Beck!
He pulls the strings that pull me to my feet! ungh!

April 21, 2012


Nina Simone - Born under a bad sign - Paris Olympia 1968 4/16 (by dtolbiac)

— so blue it’s ultra-violet ungh! —

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March 20, 2012


Derek Trucks ~ Sahib Teri Badi

“For night is the mechanism by which mere mind is converted into mere sexuality, mere sexuality into mere mind, and where these two abstractions hostile to life find rest in recognizing each other”

- Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin is deeper than I am. What he said left me scratching my head. Perhaps some of y’all can help me understand old Walter.

But even though I’m kinda slow, my ears still work. That’s why I completely understand Derek Trucks and his band. In the geography of Derek’s heart the Ganges River empties into the Mississippi delta. He brought me to the banks of his river to show me the sunset. I’m braver for having seen it.

November 4, 2011


Jeff Beck - Brush with the blues♥

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