April 9, 2013


The quicker you understand that government, an institution that funds itself by robbing you and then trying to sell you its wonderful benefits through propaganda, is not capable of helping you at all, the more honest your view of the country will be ultimately. Government’s solutions are to fix the problems that it, itself, has created and continues to worsen. Any attempt to plead for change to a system that wants you on your knees in huddled collectives shows how little you pay attention to the politician’s one hand in your pocket and the other with the gun on your temple. The only possible change is a radical, philosophical change and an intransigent conviction to protecting liberty, individual rights, and personal responsibility.

Or to paraphrase Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get a gun?”

June 14, 2012
A poem about life and work …


entitled: Ahh, grasshopper, you have taken the stones from the palm of life and realised the golden truth!

There are many buckets out there,
We all think that it’s not fair!
That some are gilded in gold,
Whilst some are tin and cold.
Yet when it is brightly lit,
And closer you move to it,
A smell permeates the air,
Strong enough to singe your hair!
Gold or tin or paper too,
They are all filled with poo!

— xntrek.

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